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Heather Myles is the senior tattoo artist and owner of Inksmith Tattoos. Heather has been an artist from a very young age, using many different mediums. She has studied graphic design, illustration, sculpture and the fabric arts giving her many insights and tools while designing tattoos! She has over 28 years experience with a tattoo machine, getting her start back in 1989 taking a break in 1995 as a private nurse for 5 years. She loves everything from traditional to newer trash polka as well as up and coming styles. She, like all great artists is ever growing and evolving her skill set.

Inksmith uses the Cheyenne Hawk Pens which are German manufactured high end rotary style tattoo machines. They are known for being much quieter and vibrate less than conventional coil tattoo devices, causing much less skin damage and therefore very fast healing with very little to no colour loss. Check out her portfolio on Gallery page one, or on Facebook and Instagram!


Hailey specializes in Neo Traditional, Geometric & Dark Femme. but is well versed in many styles. She is also known for her amazing custom watercolour artwork. Check out her portfolio on display on Instagram, or friend Hailey on Facebook to see her work online. She loves being creative and working with her clients to make their ideas a reality. Call us to book your next tattoo appointment today!

Hours: Mondays - fridays 10am-6pm.
I am the only one whos hours are early
Mondays are private appointment only!


Ali has been tattooing for over four years and has a beautiful portfolio available on both Inksmith Instagram and on the Inksmith Facebook page. She specializes in Realism, Black & Grey and Portraits, and all things dark. Feel free to call the shop to book your consultation or appointment at 519-763-7999 to create your vision.


Lydia Keith is the newest member of our all girl tattoo shop. She brings with her amazing creativity, colour and style ranging from Black and Grey, New School to Neo Traditional and Illustrative. Lydia's favourite things to tattoo are cute Halloween themed characters and horror pop culture. She honed her artistic skill set from an early age and continues to branch out with local art courses. She has been tattooing for 5 years. In her spare time she does mural art, sculpting, prosthetics, oil painting and is the Goth Brooks of baking! (seriously though, babe can bake cookies like no other)


Christina has been part of Inksmith since the very beginning, first as a long time friend of Heather's, then as a client and now as counter girl helping book appointments and answering general tattoo questions. She brings five years of Business Management and twenty years working both as a Photographer and Customer Service Representative. Call 519-763-7999 to book your next tattoo consultation, appointment or with any question you may have!

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