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Tattoo Pricing

Our shop minimum is $150 including tax for a half hour (or less) of tattooing.

Hourly rate is $200 including tax.

Aftercare products are extra.

To get an estimate for a tattoo, let's begin with a question:

Do you have your design picked out, and don't want any major changes to it?

IF YES --- Please send us the art you'd like by email. Don't forget to include how big you want it to be tattooed - in inches or centimetres is great. We will send you back an estimate by email as soon as we can.
Once you have your estimate, the fastest way to book your tattoo appointment is to give us a call during shop hours, or pop by the shop.

IF NO --- I would like a custom cover up - OR it's my first tattoo - OR I'd like something original drawn for me!
You need a consultation - a half hour to sit down with the artist of your choice to discuss your tattoo design. Your artist will be able to give you an estimate once your consultation is finished, and you can also book your tattoo appointment with your artist personally.

To book a consultation - give us a call during shop hours, or pop by to book in person. Consultations are a half hour, and free.

For larger projects, your artist may require an art fee for drawing up your tattoo, which will be discussed with you at the consultation if applicable. Thank you!

IF BOOKING tattoo appointments BY PHONE: we accept e-transfers for your deposit to our email: inksmithtattoos@hotmail.com

IN PERSON we accept cash, debit, credit and e-transfers for deposits.

If you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call - we'd be happy to guide you!

Please note: there are NO REFUNDS on DEPOSITS. See etiquette section for details or give us a call to find out more about our policies. Thank you!

Sorry, we do not offer piercing or sell body jewelry.
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