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Tattoo Pricing

Our shop minimum is $80. for a half hour of tattooing (or less).
Our hourly rate is $140.
Aftercare products are extra.

For custom tattoos, drawing fees may be applicable - this would be discussed at the consultation with your chosen artist.

Should you have a design already chosen and don't wish to have it customized, you may not need a consultation. You need a quote!

For price/time quotes, we'll need to know the size you want the design to be and to have a look at the art. From there we can calculate how long an appointment you'll need, and how much that gorgeous new tattoo will cost. You can send art files to our email: inksmithtattoos@hotmail.com

We require a deposit to book your tattoo appointment. (Deposits are not necessary for booking a free consultation). If booking by phone we accept email transfers. If booking in person, we accept CASH, DEBIT, VISA or MC!

Call us for more information.

Please note
our minimum charge is increasing to $90 and our hourly rate is increasing to $150 on January 1, 2018
Get your gift certificates at the old rate NOW!


Piercing prices

Piercing service: $45. PLUS the cost of jewelry and HST.
Aftercare products are extra.

Prices vary depending upon the jewelry you choose, but we have a variety of options to suit your budget without sacrificing quality and safety!

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